Exhibit 6: Verdachten kwade trouw met betrekking tot Marokko

(Grosse Politic vol xx1, no 658d2, p.280-281 ,Von Bülow to Wilhelm II, 29-3-1905)

Telegram Von Bülow to Wilhelm II March 29 1905

I am very happy that Your Majesty is taking Tattenbach along toTangier. He is well acquainted with local conditions. Delcassé is sweating blood because Your Majesty’s visit to Tangier will upset his finely-spun plans. He had let it be stated in Fez that France was acting on behalf of all the European Powers, who all agreed to and wished for Marocco’s subjection to France. If Your Majesty now appears in Tangier, received with jubilation by all the Mohammedans, fêted by all the non-French Europeans and without taking any notice of the French, Delcassé will be in the soup.