Exhibit 21: Fransen trekken troepen 10 km van Duitse grens terug

(British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898 – 1914, Vol X1, nr. 408, p.243, Telegram no 114.Paris. August 1.1914 Sir F.Bertie to Sir Edward Grey.)

Telegram no 114. Paris. August 1.1914

Sir F.Bertie to Sir Edward Grey.

Military attaché reports that the Minister of War  sent for him again this evening at 8 ó clock stated that he wished to keep him informed on the situation. He told him that there were eight German army corps opposed to French, but real object of interview was evidently to convey Minister’s opinion:

That there is only one way of securing peace, which is for England to act military instead of diplomatically. Military attaché assured him that England was doing her utmost to ensure peace. Minister of War laid great stress on the fact that the 10 km zone which he had arranged between French troops and German frontier was a proof of French endeavour to commit no provocative act. This zone is still occupied by peasants.